“25 Strings”

The Canadian Guitar Quartet explain, demonstrate interesting excerpts, and perform selections from the Renaissance to present day tangos

The Canadian Guitar Quartet (CGQ) is considered one of the finest classical guitar quartets in the world. They have performed to standing ovations throughout Central and South America, Mexico and the United States, Europe and of course across Canada.

Excellent communicators both musically and verbally, the CGQ enjoy sharing music with school audiences. They explain the interesting background behind the repertoire and the composers and can so do in English, French and Spanish. The quartet also spends time in advance of any school performance picking out particularly interesting passages in the musical selections, or areas that really illustrate a certain compositional technique so that they can demonstrate these to the students before performing the selection.

So, with a “roadmap” to the piece and things to listen for, the students focus better and get more out of each performance. The CGQ has performed for all ages in schools and adjusts the length of the performance selections accordingly. Besides packing a lot of information into each presentation, the CGQ make the experience fun with their charismatic humour, anecdotes, and stories of things that happen while on tour throughout the world.

CGQ repertoire covers a wide range of music including contrapuntal Renaissance works, tangos, classical chamber music, romantic and contemporary fusion. All selections are performed on 6 and 7 string classical acoustic guitars combined with percussion and special effects.

A sample list of repertoire with descriptions and demonstrations used to capture the interest of the audience can be found on the CGQ website. Several of the selections are available on the internet for video viewing. You can also read what teachers and students have said about CGQ school performances on our website.



To book the CGQ for a school presentation, please contact:

Elsewhere on this website you can find complete individual and group biographies, reviews, flyers, video/audio samples and photos.

We would love to hear from you prior to visiting your school and we are always available through email if there are any questions to be answered prior to the school visit or further suggestions needed for preparation purposes.


Technical Requirements

Music Room or Classroom
4 low armless chairs (ideally 14 – 16 inches off the floor in height)

Auditorium or Gymnasium
Sound system with 4 individual microphones on stands are required and one hand held microphone.